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Know more about synthetic wig

All of our economical wigs are made of synthetic fibers, they are heat resistant and can keep your hairstyle steady. Besides, synthetic fibers are much lighter and don't collect much liquid that brings you a cooler experience on the head for the hottest day in summer. While human hair wigs are much thicker and heavier since they collects sweat and oils. Synthetic wig looks natural like human hair.

Please note that recoloring or restyling synthetic wig is NOT recommended since color will not adhere to the fibers. Synthetic fiber can keep their style without any much maintaincing.


Why choose Braidsco

No.1:Company strength

Braidsco has its own independent factory and thousands of employees specializing in wig development, research and production. Has 20 years of corporate culture. A dozen of sales companies and two factories formed a business system of Braidsco  in Europe and America.Its total annual sales have grown more than 100 million dollars. 

No.2:Price advantage

Braidsco in the spirit Marketing policies of “Creating Brand,Setting up good image and Developing”.Directly sell the exquisite wigs produced by the factory to you through the network, eliminating many other costs such as intermediate shops.Braidsco has its own long term procurement partner for real hair raw materials., which is better in quality and lower in price than other wig factories in the market. I hope to bring you a better experience through small profits but quick turnover, rather than asking for price. We hope that if you need to buy a wig, you will think of us as soon as possible. Braidsco doesn't use the cheap wigs and low prices to deceive consumers like other companies. Why do we have such a low price but can guarantee the quality, because we sell it directly to you through the network, no other, such as store fees. This way you don't have to worry about quality issues, you can buy with confidence.


This is the reason you choose Braidsco !!!